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Unleashing the full potential of the family business

Susana Marcos, JD, MBA
Family Business Consultant

Susana Marcos understands from first hand experience the challenges and opportunities in running a family owned business.




Susana grew up within a family-owned business in Argentina and was part of its senior management team throughtout her career. She has much experience with the challenges, opportunities, needs, and key conversations in business. That is why Susana is passionate about helping family business owners to be successful. She started her consulting services SUMAR NEGOCIOS, to help you discover The Power of Improvement and Growth in unleashing your business' full potential and profitability.



Over the last decade, she has developed an extensive network of relationships that she can tap to help your business.



She sincerely cares about helping families make the best of their business, and takes great pride in guiding you through the tough issues with excellent communication skills.



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