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Susana Marcos specializes in advising family businesses in the following areas:

Optimizing the Business


She can help you to:


  • Focus and improve your business model

  • Determine a growth plan (who is your target, what will you offer them that is valuable and different from other options available, how will you profitably deliver that, when should the different steps be taken)

  • Identify the right leadership and organizational structure to best support the business

Improving Management Operations


She can assist you in:


  • Defining clear responsibilities for different areas

  • Improving the professionalism in the family business environment

  • Taking key business activities (such as sales management, budgeting, people selection and development) to the next level of professionalism

Resolving Family Conflict


She can facilitate working through critical issues and discussions such as:


  • Conflicting business priorities and family members’ personal goals

  • The future direction of the business and the reinvestment of the business resources

  • Other sources of conflict that represent a challenge to the family relationships or the future of the business

  How does Susana Marcos work?


  • She will sign a confidential agreement to protect the privacy of all your personal and business information

  • She will schedule a one on one personal meeting with the relevant parties to clearly define the areas you need help with

  • The meeting can be done in person or via Skype

  • Based on that assessment, she will provide you with a proposal with next steps, costs and timing for your feedback and discussion, along with her references

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