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About Susana


Susana was born and raised in Parana, Argentina, into a family that owned a large wholesale and retail distributor of grocery goods, with a chain of company owned and franchised supermarkets.


She received a JD from the Universidad del Litoral and later on an MBA from the Universidad del CEMA in Buenos Aires, leading to a carreer as a professional family business consultant.


Susana had the opportunity to be involved with her family business since she was very young and became part of the business’ management team when she was an experienced attorney. She has learned first hand the ups and the downs, the challenges and the opportunities that family businesses bring.


Since  Susana  arrived in  Kansas  City over eighteen years ago, she has had the privilege of  working with many   families and businesses. 

After starting   her consulting  firm SUMAR NEGOCIOS  she  has helped her clients maximize their assets as well as their human and financial resources, develop training programs, design a budgeting system and identify opportunities for growth. 


Susana Marcos works with the family to uncover the strengths of each person to match them with the business’ needs to accomplish the best results.


For over twelve years, she hosted the weekly radio program “Hispanos en  Acción”, where the guests discussed their new ideas and businesses’ performance.


Susana is the proud mother of six adult children and the "abuela" of eleven grandchildren.


She participates in numerous social events and   outdoor sports and especially loves to run, swim and play tennis.

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